A Dusty Disciple

An indicator of a good disciple in Jesus’ day was that he was really dirty. Paved roads didn’t exist and no one walked around cleaning up after the animals that also traversed the same roads. Travel was dusty and dirty. At days end a disciple would be covered with dust the rabbi kicked up, not to mention the other stuff. That is why the saying “May you be covered in the dust of your master.” arose. The saying is more of a blessing really. This was the highest mark of a disciple. He walked so closely behind his teacher that he was caked with what the teacher kicked up.

Becoming a Dusty Disciple is not about getting good and clean. It’s not about believing the right things or having the right kind of knowledge. It’s about following Jesus so closely you get dirty from the dust he kicks up. Becoming Dusty Disciple is about being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ in an authentic, countercultural, inside-out, uncomfortable way.

May you be covered in the dust of the Master.

Silver Torah pointer lying on a jewish prayer book